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CCC certification validity period:

The validity period of the CCC certificate is 5 years. If the validity period of the certificate expires and needs to be renewed, the applicant should apply for the renewal certificate within 90 days before the validity period of the certificate expires.


3c certificate expired recovery:

Expiration refers to the five-year validity period of the certificate, but the renewal has not been processed. In this case, if you want to restore the certificate, you can only apply for it again, sends samples for retesting and factory inspection.


When the CCC certification certificate expires, points to note when applying for certificate extension: CCC认证证书到期,申请证书延期注意事项:

  1. If the holder of the CCC certificate needs to renew the legal validity of the CCC certificate, it must apply for a renewal of the CCC certificate 3 natural months (60 working days) before the expiration of the CCC certificate.
    CCC证书持有人如果需要延续CCC认证证书法律有效性,必须在CCC证书有效期到期前3个自然月 (60个工作日) 前,办理CCC证书到期换证申请。
  2. The original CCC certificate is handed in and a new CCC certificate is reissued. If the original CCC certificate has been lost, you can fill in the application in the column of “CCC Certificate Renewal-Expired Renewal Application Form”.
  3. If the number of CCC certificate renewal applications is more than two, you can attach a page, and you can fill in an application form for similar products from the same manufacturer. Charge based on the number of original certificates.
  4. Companies outside of China can apply by mail

Possible consequences of expiration of CCC certification:

Compulsory certification emphasizes passing certification. For products that have not passed the certification, they cannot be shipped or sold even if they are qualified.

According to “Management Regulations on Compulsory Product Certification”,

Article 49: Products listed in the catalog without certification, leaving the factory, selling, importing, or using them in other business activities shall be punished by the local quality inspection bureaus in accordance with Article 67 of the Certification and Accreditation Regulations.

第四十九条 列入目录的产品未经认证,擅自出厂、销售、进口或者在其他经营活动中使用的,由地方质检两局依照认证认可条例第六十七条规定予以处罚。

Article 50 After the products listed in the catalogue are certified, they do not follow the statutory conditions and requirements to engage in production and business activities or produce and sell products that do not meet the statutory requirements. Special Provisions for Supervision and Administration” Article 2 and Article 3, paragraph 2 shall be dealt with.

第五十条 列入目录的产品经过认证后 ,不按照法定条件、要求从事生产经营活动或者生产、销售不符合法定要求的产品的,由地方质检两局依照《国务院关于加强食品等产品安全监督管理的特别规定》第二条、第三条第二款规定予以处理。

Article 51 In violation of the second paragraph of Article 29 of these regulations, during the period of cancellation, revocation or suspension of the certification certificate, products that do not meet the certification requirements continue to leave the factory, sell, import, or use in other business activities. Local quality inspection bureaus shall impose penalties in accordance with Article 67 of the Certification and Accreditation Regulations.

第五十一条 违反本规定第二十九条第二款规定,认证证书注销、撤销或者暂停期间,不符合认证要求的产品,继续出厂、销售、进口或者在其他经营活动中使用的,由地方质检两局依照认证认可条例第六十七条规定予以处罚。

Article 67. Products listed in the catalogue without certification, leave the factory, sell, import, or use in other business activities without authorization, shall be ordered to make corrections and a fine of not less than RMB 50,000 but not more than RMB 200,000 shall be imposed. Any illegal income shall be confiscated. Illegal income.

第六十七条 列入目录的产品未经认证,擅自出厂、销售、进口或者在其他经营活动中使用的,责令改正,处5万元以上20万元以下的罚款,有违法所得的,没收违法所得。

If there is a problem with the certified company or product during the validity period, the certification body can suspend, revoke, or cancel the certificate. During the suspension of the certificate, the enterprise can restore the validity of the certificate through relevant rectification. If the certificate is generally cancelled or revoked, it cannot be restored to be valid again.

如果在有效期中认证企业或产品发生问题,认证机构可以对证书进行暂停、撤销、注销的处理。 证书暂停期间,企业可以通过相关整改,恢复证书有效性。证书一般注销或撤销,则不能再恢复为有效。

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