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WLL has commissioned a new LS Series Vibration System from ETS Solutions. The system, which boasts a 1000kG payload and a response range from DC-2500 Hz offers a 3-inch stroke and a max force rating of 7000 kgs. Maximum acceleration is 100g. 

“We are excited about this new capability and, with our other environmental services, are expecting a busy summer and fall,” stated Corey Blackford, Environmental Services Manager. “The new system is ready to service our amazing clients in the defense, energy and aerospace industries.” 

Even Willie Washington got in on the fun. Willie is our lovable mascot who is ready to greet you at our facility in Frederick Maryland.

Environmental Simulation Testing

Environmental testing demonstrates the ability of a product to survive harsh conditions under use, storage, and shipping. Transportation vibration, temperature shock, corrosion resistance, or water ingress? Prototype unit testing to determine deficiencies in design? Concept analysis, to see if that better mousetrap really is better? Production-stage testing to prove the robustness and reliability of the finished product? All covered by environmental testing. And oft-overlooked, success in environmental testing can be a great marketing tool: don’t just tell your engineers you passed, tell everyone you passed!

Compliance with environmental test standards also highlights a manufacturer’s commitment to providing high-quality, thoroughly tested products to the market, both domestically and world-wide, and applies to everything from home medical equipment to orbital vehicle components. An important step in military COTS procurement, even the most innocuous commercial equipment can benefit from environmental testing by identifying potential problems, assisting in warranty mitigation, and providing a more reliable product to the end consumer.

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