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What information of an SRRC certificate is permitted to be changed? And what are the requirements?

Updates and requirements below:

  • The information of the original applicant of the certified product changes: The applicant shall submit relevant change materials (such as industrial and commercial registration and other relevant information) to apply for change. 
  • The information of the certified product’s factory changes: The applicant submits relevant change materials (such as OEM/ODM agreement etc.), and the factory’s production capacity, technical strength, quality management system and other materials apply for changes after the change.
  • If the production capacity, technical strength, quality assurance system, place of origin, production line, etc. of the factory change: The applicant shall submit the corresponding change materials, the product laboratory self-test report or the third-party test report, and the test based on the issuance of the certificate Commitment materials with consistent RF parameters in the report apply for changes.
  • Components of certified products changes: Such as RF signal processing chips, power gain related devices, filters, baseband chips, RF transceiver related components, RF power supply and other management related components, switching, duplexers, antenna related component, clock related component changes, the applicant submits the corresponding change materials, the laboratory self-test report of the product after the change, or the third-party test report, and the commitment materials that are consistent with the RF parameters in the test report on which the certificate is issued apply for the change.
  • The model is changed after the certificate is obtained: The applicant submits the commitment materials that the previously certified model is not actually produced and sold, and explains the reason for the change to apply for the change.
  • If product-related information changes due to changes in national laws and regulations or radio management regulations: The applicant submits relevant change materials, laboratory self-test reports or third-party test reports to apply for changes.

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