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full-service EMC, wireless, electrical safety and environmental testing company j

Article by Frederick County Office of Economic Development

How would your cell phone perform at -85 degrees Fahrenheit, after being subjected to hurricane winds and rain, followed by violent shaking similar to forces uses in space? Washington Labs could show you, but it might not be pretty.

Before many manufacturers ever put certain products on the market, there are standards they must meet. When the U.S. Armed Forces wants to take a product in the field that is mission-ready, they rely on a full-service testing facility like Washington Laboratories, Ltd in Frederick to simulate high altitudes, extreme heat, turbine wind and more. This kind of reputation for “finding what doesn’t work” helps product manufacturers make their products better, and safer.

A young Mike Violette was always fascinated with science and engineering and how the universe and things worked. This evolved into an interest in solving technical challenges. Mike began his career with his father and grew Washington Labs from a two-man consulting company to over 50 people in North America, Asia and Europe. continue