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Specialized Laboratory Services

Washington Laboratories provides on-site Specialized Laboratory Services, and has extensive experience in a variety of engineering and testing programs for diverse products and systems.
Field Testing
Site Surveys & MappingMagnetic Field Surveys, 60 Hz, ELF, RF to 40 GHz
PCS ServicesMicrowave Relocation Survey
Radiation HazardsANSI C95.1
Nuclear Power Plant SurveysEPRI TR-102323
On-Site Testing for Compliance
On-site testing, sometime referred to in situ testing is an option that is often used when performing equipment evaluation at a customer location, factory or other non-laboratory test venue. There are several reasons to perform product compliance testing at specific location, rather than at a test laboratory. A major reason is that the equipment may be physically too large for a test laboratory. The other reason is that special support equipment or infrastructure is needed to operate the equipment. For example, the electricity supply may have specific voltage or amperage requirements that cannot be accommodated in the laboratory. Other operational needs may include mechanical services such as air-handling, chemical requirements, other support equipment. Other reasons may include security issues or other special access issues relating to sensitive equipment and/or intellectual property. The testing may cover the various EMC, Safety and Machinery requirements and these are well-used methodology. View more information about our On-Site Testing Services.
Anechoic/Shielding Chamber Performance
Shielding EffectivenessNSA 65-6, IEEE 299
Site AttenuationANSI C63.4
Field UniformityIEC 801-3, IEC 61000-4-3
Open Area Test Site Characteristics
Site Construction Engineering and Technical Advisory ServicesANSI C63.4, FCC, CISPR 16, FCC Site Filing
Site Attenuation MeasurementsANSI C63.4
Performance Testing
Transmission ParametersEIA TSB 40-A
Cable/Connector PerformanceShielding Effectiveness
Surge & Transient WithstandIEC 801/IEC 61000-4-xx, ANSI/IEEE
Customized Seminars
We’ll teach you.

Washington Labs provides professional engineering support for our customers who need to educate their staff on the latest standards, design techniques and specifications.

A list of topics and course outlines are available upon request for standard or customized on-site presentations.