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FCC Testing and Certification

Washington Labs provides FCC Testing and has many years of FCC Testing and Certificationexperience and expertise in the following:

  • FCC Part 15 Testing for Computing Devices, Cordless Telephones, Satellite Receivers, TV Interface Devices, Receivers, Low Power Transmitters, and Spread Spectrum Transmitters, UNII & others.
  • FCC Part 22 Testing for Cellular Telephones
  • FCC Part 25 Testing for Satellite Communications
  • FCC Part 90 Testing for Private Land Mobile Radio Services – Includes Paging Devices and Mobile Radio Transmitters
  • FCC Part 95 Testing for Personal Radio Services
  • FCC Part 18 Testing for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Equipment i.e. Microwave, and RF Lighting Ballast (ISM)
  • FCC Part 24 Testing for Personal Communications Systems
  • FCC Part 80 Testing for Marine Radio Transmitters

Certification Services

Washington Labs is partnered with a Federal Communications Commission Telecommunications Certification Body for FCC certification review and approval.