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Facilities and Capabilities

Because we know how to achieve compliance and solve complex problems our staff is prepared to find the lowest cost and most effective means of compliance for FCC, European CE Marking and Wireless Approvals. If modifications are required, we’ll help find a way to make your product comply.

Our specialties include equipment testing, engineering and technical advisory services geared to meet product standards and performance requirements for all types of electronic and electric products marketed in U.S., European and other international markets.

equipment testing, engineering and technical advisory services
Anechoic chamber – Gaithersburg

We can handle it. EMC testing facilities at Washington Labs include a 3 meter fully anechoic chamber and two 3/10 meter open area, all weather test sites as well as several indoor sites. The Federal Communications Commission’s limits on radio frequency emissions under FCC Part 15, in force since 1983, are an important factor in product design and development in the U.S. Our test site conforms to ANSI C63.4-2003 and is listed by the FCC’s Equipment Authorizations Branch in Columbia, Maryland. We’re able to test small handhelds up to fully configured rack systems and larger equipment. Our 9,000 square foot facility is conveniently located near Washington, D.C.

Salt fog chamber
Salt fog chamber – Frederick

Product Safety and Environmental testing facilities at Washington Labs provide complete Product Safety testing and a wide array of Environmental testing offerings. We have large power capabilities for Single Phase, 3 Phase and DC powered equipment. Our facility features large bay doors and a forklift for ease of loading and unloading your product. This facility includes nearly 6,000 sq ft of space and is conveniently located between the I-270 Technology Corridor and Northern Virginia.

Our Capabilities Include

• Radiated and Conducted Emissions• Product Safety testing
• Electrostatic Discharge• MIL-STD 810 testing
• Conducted Immunity• Temperature (w/Vibration)
• Radiated Immunity• Humidity
• Electrical Fast Transients• Vibration/Shock
• Surge Testing• Altitude
• Voltage Dips and Fluctuations• Salt Fog
Customized and Performance Testing• Drop Tests
• Flammability Testing• Rain/Immersion

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Engineering Services

Our engineering services include engineering design and analysis for: emissions control, product safety, product performance, RF radiation prediction and antenna-to-antenna coupling. We also specialize in electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) design for architectural and engineering projects including shielding design and grounding. We offer technical advice on lightning protection design and analysis as well as perform forensic investigations and failure and root-cause analysis.

Safety Approvals

Complete safety service. To improve free trade in international markets, product safety requirements have been harmonized. Products that comply with these standards and directives will be able to take full advantage of this harmonization, thus securing their place in the world marketplace. U.S., Canadian, European and international product safety approvals can be secured with one stop at Washington Labs. Our product safety program streamlines the safety approval process, reduces testing costs and cuts your precious time-to-market.
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Field Testing And Site Surveys

We’re portable! We have 30 years of experience in taking measurements on-site. From compliance testing to PCS site surveys, we understand the needs and requirements of testing in the field, and we come prepared. Our staff specialists can perform emissions and immunity testing to a variety of requirements as well as the following specific site survey testing services:

• Low frequency EMF and 60 Hz magnetic field surveys and mitigation
• Radio frequency field measurements and mapping
• Radiation hazard measurements to ANSI C95.1
• Shielding effectiveness
• Chamber characterization