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Advisory Services

The troubleshooters. Our advisory services include engineering design and analysis for: emissions control, product safety, product performance, RF radiation prediction and antenna-to-antenna coupling. We also specialize in electromagnetic (EMI/RFI) design for architectural and engineering projects including shielding design and grounding. We offer technical advice on lightning protection design and analysis as well as perform forensic investigations and failure and root-cause analysis.

Advisory Services, Test Plans and Procedures are integral parts of a successful compliance program.

The design and support should start early in the process and consists of a review of schematic, layout and parts lists and bills of materials. The review before layout and manufacturing can save time and cost during compliance testing. WLL provides

  • Design support for printed circuit board layout,
  • Enclosure design for effective shielding, grounding,
  • Power filtering,
  • Component selection and specifications for compliance with regulatory or contractual requirements.
  • Customized Test Plans and procedures to suit your needs
  • Field Testing and Site Surveys – WLL has 30 years of experience in taking measurements both at our facilities and on the road.
  • Professional Engineering support for customers who need to educate their staff on the latest standards, design techniques and specifications

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The Trust Factor

We can help. Getting approvals for your products can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Washington Laboratories, Ltd. specializes in testing and engineering for product compliance, and in technical advisory services for design review and troubleshooting for the electronics community. We are an authority on EMI/EMC, safety and product compliance, and we have an amazing success rate — thousands of approvals for a broad range of clients.

The staff at WLL is committed to providing you with solutions to complex electromagnetic design and compliance problems. That’s why we stand behind our results.

Who We Serve

We’re in good company! The markets our clients serve include: information technology, medical, RF/wireless, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and manufacturing. We can help your company get to market sooner. Call us to discuss your testing or engineering needs. Experience, knowledge, commitment to quality, the right services — all part of the trust factor at Washington Laboratories.

Throughout all these years, we’ve been surrounded by excellent people who have been the real key to our success and ongoing enterprise.