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Radio Frequency Safety Awareness

Radio Frequency Safety Awareness Webinar

2014 Recording Available

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This one hour webinar provides an introduction to safety implications associated with Radio Frequency (RF) exposure.  This course provides the basic knowledge with regard to human exposure to RF energy from a wide variety of transmitters such as communications towers, roof-top antennas, a wide variety of fixed and mobile antennas, and equipment that is sometimes overlooked as RF producers.  Information from FCC guidelines, OSHA regulations, industry standards and parameters established by various agencies are presented in this guide to human safety in the world of RF exposure.

Table of Contents

RF Safety Awareness, Radio Frequency (RF) exposure, OSHA regulations, FCC guidelines, communications towers, roof-top antennas, AM Detuning Safety, Compliance, RF Energy, MPE-Controlled/Uncontrolled.

Who Should Attend

Engineers/technicians working on or around RF communications or surveillance systems; Construction and Industrial personnel working in proximity to transmitting antennas and equipment; Company health and safety monitors, Residents near transmitting antennas, those individuals that have concerns dealing with effects on medical devices or pacemakers.

Presented by


LBA Group – Dr. Christopher K. Horne, PhD, PE

Dr. Horne has over eighteen years’ experience in management and engineering of wireless networks and devices including RF circuits, handset development as well as wireless system design. He was named among the top 100 wireless experts for 2014. Dr. Horne is the author of several publications possessing excellent communication skills combined with the ability to relate well to people at all levels: adaptable, conscientious, and self-motivated individual with exposure to a wide variety of technical subjects and diverse work experiences. View the article at