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MIL-STD-461G Test Methods and Compliance


May 16-19, 2017 (4-day course)
8:30 am – 5:00 pm daily


Washington Laboratories Ltd.
7560 Lindbergh Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
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Last Chance – MIL-STD-461G Hands-on Course: Steve is ending the course with this May event – After a long run with this course, Steve has decided that the physical demands of the course is more that he can manage. He stated that the course dealing with real world issues and the student interaction in coping with various issues and the direct exposure to understanding what is happening during test will be missed. So join us for this last time event.


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Aerospace and Military EMC: MIL-STD-461G Test Methods and Compliance

Military and Aerospace Systems must comply with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements. MIL-STD-461G was released mid-December 2015 and is applied to Department of Defense (DoD) procurements for equipment and subsystems. This revision is filled with updates for many of the previous test methods and new tests have been added.

MIL-STD-461G test and evaluation methods will be presented, including system requirements, general requirements, test article configurations, and documentation. This course offers critical information for military compliance professionals, testing industry professionals, and developers involved with electronics systems development. Instruction for each of the test methods in MIL-STD-461 test and measurement methods along with analysis of the test results will be covered.

This 4-day course provides detailed focus on performing the testing, reducing and understanding the data and managing test problems. It features practical methods to address the complexity of the standard configuration along with concepts to manage the unusual product types. The course includes student participation in laboratory activities at the facility using the available test equipment. The laboratory work will have student accomplish testing (partial test runs) on the more common test methods and uses the laboratory sessions to address questions through live experiments. The laboratory work will deal with problems that are often encountered in conforming to the standard.

This popular course is now updated to the latest standard and includes spreadsheets to support data reduction as student handouts.

Who Should Attend

  • EMC Test Engineers and Technicians
  • Program/project managers responsible for EMC evaluation oversight
  • Anyone who interprets EMC data or troubleshoots EMC issues
  • Engineers and technicians that accomplish laboratory testing
  • Design engineers responsible for EMC


The Instructor

Steve Ferguson


Steven G. Ferguson has been working in EMC, Safety, MIL-STD, Nuclear, Energy and related compliance engineering and test for over 35 years at test laboratories and manufacturers. His work includes designing products, developing procedures, performing tests and advising developers on routes and techniques for attaining product compliance. He has been directly involved with EMC design and compliance evaluation for many systems including several power plants (facilities and equipment qualification), hospitals, presidential aircraft, the Space Shuttle and Hubble Space Telescope. He presents various courses on EMI/EMC compliance including EMC for Nuclear Power Facilities, Architectural Shielding and a hands-on course MIL-STD-461 testing at the WLL facility in Maryland and on-site for multiple government and industrial clients. His work also includes EMC, Environmental and Safety evaluations for commercial, military and medical devices and training of hundreds of personnel on test and evaluation techniques. He has authored several papers on equipment qualification and evaluation techniques with presentations at many conferences. He is a member of the TR-102323 Working Group and supported preparation of Revision 4.


Registration fee is $2,200 per student.


Early registration: $2,100 per student
(Register more than 30 days prior to a scheduled course start date to qualify)

For registration and payment received one month prior to course, deduct $100.
For three or more participants from an organization and payment received one month prior to course, deduct $200 each. *Must enroll three or more participants simultaneously during registration in order to receive discount.

Payment in advance via check, VISA or MasterCard preferred credit cards or bank transfer (ask for transfer details).

* Lunch will be provided.

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