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Laser Product Safety

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Laser safety is a key area of product safety design for product use, and entry into the U.S. and global marketplace. The widespread use of these devices, of all hazard classes, requires product designers to assure that the hazards associated with laser energy be are well-understood, and that the appropriate safety standard requirements and regulations are applied.  This one hour webinar provides an introduction to safety implications associated with Laser Devices. This webinar provides a key overview of the following critical device design safety information and measurement methods for complying with safety requirements.

  • Lasers and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Some Key Definitions
  • Laser and Light Interaction
  • Human Eye Structures
  • Hazard Mitigation – PPE Eyewear
  • Laser Safety Standards and Regulations – U.S. FDA CDRH, IEC, ANSI (OSHA)

Laser Safety Standards and Regulations

Information from FDA guidelines, OSHA regulations, industry standards and parameters established by various agencies are presented in this guide to human safety.

Information from 21CFR FDA CDRH regulations, IEC safety standards, and OSHA requirements are presented in this webinar that focuses on lasers and human eye safety.

Who Will Benefit:

Design and test engineers / scientists, technicians developing systems using laser devices, and regulatory & compliance safety engineers and measurement personnel.

The Presenter


Peter Boden
Executive Technical Consultant and Director of Laser Safety Training for
Laser Product Safety LLC.

Peter J. Boden holds a MS in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University.  He has 32 years of experience in R&D, Project Management of complex engineering projects, and is recognized as a U.S. and global laser and photobiological optical radiation safety expert regarding Safety Standards, Compliance and Regulation, testing, and training.

Mr. Boden presently serves on the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to IEC Technical Committee 76 – Optical Radiation Safety and Laser Equipment and is active on many other U.S. and global (IEC) technical committees on laser and photobiological safety. Mr. Boden was the catalyst for the formation of the IEC Committee of Testing Laboratories Working Group 6 for Photobiological Safety.  He has assessed laser testing laboratories around the globe, and has directed the building of laser testing laboratories in the U.S., Japan, and Europe.  His expertise is acknowledged by many awards and publications.

Presently, Mr. Boden is an Executive Technical Consultant and Director of Laser Safety Training for ‘Laser Product Safety, LLC’ located near Research Triangle Park, NC.


is recognized globally as one of laser, LED, UV and/or IR radiation safety.
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