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Does your design ‘hold water’?

Washington Labs is pleased to announce we are now offering testing for both physical ingress and water protection per IEC/EN 60529. Commonly referred to as IP-code (or ingress protection) testing, these tests are often called out for equipment designed to be installed or operated in unprotected environments, and can be useful when a higher level of protection is desired than provided by regular rain and settling or blowing dust tests.

We provide testing for the following levels of IEC/EN 60529:

  • IP1X: Protection against physical ingress of 50 mm diameter or larger
  • IP2X: Protection against physical ingress of 12.5 mm or larger
  • IP3X: Protection against physical ingress of 2.5 mm or larger
  • IP4X: Protection against physical ingress of 1.0 mm or larger
  • IPX1: Protection against water, vertical drops (Drip)
  • IPX2: Protection against water, vertical drops at 15° angle (Angled Drip)
  • IPX3: Protection against water, spray at 60°angle (Spray)
  • IPX4: Protection against water, multi-angle splash (Splash)
  • IPX5: Protection against water, jets (12.5L Jet)
  • IPX6: Protection against water, powerful jets (100L Jet)
  • IPX7: Protection against water, immersion (1m Immersion)
  • IPX8: Protection against water, severe (Special Levels)

We are able to offer full water Ingress Protection (IP) to our clients who need to have equipment qualification for wet and outdoor locations.

Washington Laboratories was founded in 1989 by Dr. J.L. Norman Violette and Mike Violette. We serve the technology community, providing testing and engineering services for diverse technology sectors, including communications, control, energy, defense, medical and entertainment.  Contact us for further information.