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Presented by Curtis Sober, Regional Sales Manager, TE Corcom.

EMI Filter Selection


Filter Selection for EMC Compliance

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 July 27, 2017: 11:00 AM ET

Filters are one of the most common methods for mitigation of conducted emissions and the associated radiation from the conductor.  TE Connectivity’s Mr. Curtis Sober presents this discussion on selecting the proper filter for your application.  He examines many topics in this webinar and the format supports attendee questions during the presentation.  Elements discussed include:

  • What is EMI and how is it Propagated
  • Regulation of EMI
  • What is the EMI Filter
  • How to Measure EMI Filter Performance
  • Medical Applications and their Unique Filtering Needs
  • Filter Selection Questionnaire – Information to Support Proper Selection
  • Keys to Selecting a Hi-quality Filter

The Presenter

Curtis Sober

TE CorcomCurtis Sober joined AMP Incorporated 1993 as a sales engineer, located in Denver, Colorado focused on the broadband/telecom industry and power utility market.  In 1997 moved to Harrisburg, PA as the CATV Market Manager for AMP incorporated then later held positions in connector development.  In 2001 joined the TE Corcom team selling and designing filters, single and three phase product.

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