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Environmental Test and Evaluation

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This multi-part series was held on the following dates:

Understanding Requirements and Test Planning/Reporting

June 20, 2017: 11:00 AM ET
Presented by Steve Ferguson

This webinar will review various environmental test methods with consideration for tailoring the test program for your specific needs. The focus is to highlight how proper test planning expedites the overall test program and how to incorporate test sequencing to obtain life cycle events to evaluate cumulative effects. Test reports are derived from the test but report content drives the planning to ensure that the plan specifies data collection needs to support the report. A test plan is outlined and content defined for the attendee to use for test planning. MIL-STD-810 will serve as the basic standard but other test standards are merged to provide like guidance outside the military program throughout our environmental test series of webinars.

Fundamentals of Vibration Testing

June 27, 2017: 11:00 AM ET
Presented by Corey Blackford

This webinar discusses vibration testing with elements on resonance searches, endurance testing, sine sweeps, random vibration and vibration modulation. Measurements and control based of accelerometer data along with determining accelerometer placement to obtain the feedback for control are integral to this discussion. Various test standard requirement topics associated with vibration are incorporate to provide a broad basis of understanding vibration.

Mechanical Shock Testing

July 11, 2017: 11:00 AM ET
Presented by Corey Blackford

The dynamic testing part of this webinar series continues by dealing with mechanical shock testing. Shock occurs in many fashions from packaged drop to a ballistic event. This webinar discussed various types of shock that are more common and the test considerations associated with the individual test methods. Corey includes discussion of MIL-STD-901 as part of this and how your product will be abused during this testing. As with all of our topics, the necessary data collection is discussed to support test reporting.


Steven Ferguson is Executive V.P. has been working in EMC, Safety, MIL-STD, Nuclear, Energy and related compliance engineering and test for over 35 years at test laboratories and manufacturers. His work includes designing products, developing procedures, performing tests and advising developers on routes and techniques for attaining product compliance. He has been directly involved with EMC design and compliance evaluation for many systems including several power plants (facilities and equipment qualification), hospitals, presidential aircraft, the Space Shuttle and Hubble Space Telescope. He presents various courses on EMI/EMC compliance including EMC for Nuclear Power Facilities, Architectural Shielding and a hands-on course MIL-STD-461 testing at the WLL facility in Maryland and on-site for multiple government and industrial clients. His work also includes EMC, Environmental and Safety evaluations for commercial, military and medical devices and training of hundreds of personnel on test and evaluation techniques. He has authored several papers on equipment qualification and evaluation techniques with presentations at many conferences. He is a member of the TR-102323 Working Group and supported preparation of Revision 4.

Corey Blackford
Corey Blackford – Senior Compliance Technician. Corey has a broad background in engineering and design. With initial experience in shipping logistics and custom home construction, he originally starting his foray into engineering with civil drafting and design working on numerous residential and commercial projects, often coordinating between drafting, engineering, and government groups. Following the housing crisis, he moved into structural drafting and design of cooling towers, and was involved in several large-scale coal and nuclear power plant projects, as well as a variety of smaller “retrofit-in-place” commercial tower designs and new product R&D. Joining Washington Labs in 2010, he has worked in environmental and product safety testing since then, overseeing product testing from the initial quoting to the final reporting stage. Outside of work, Corey is an unrestrained bibliophile, with a collection of books often mistaken for a misplaced public library.