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Wireless Approvals in the Far East

Wireless Approvals in the Far East

December 6, 2016
Presented by Mark Maynard and Mike Violette

Wireless Approvals in the Far East will explore methods to introduce products into those large economies. Notably, we will explore the regulatory regimes in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Oceania, where nearly one-half the population of the world resides.

Access to two billion people has to count for something and as the world globalizes, it standardizes, too. With the adoption of standards, such as those presented in Part III of this series, a device can be designed for multiple markets. With the 2.4GHz band being the most common frequency range used, product developers can integrate wireless functionality with ease.

No where is that greater than the Far East where countries like China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines and much of the ASEAN countries (Association of SE Asian Nations) have deployed wireless access for communications and other purposes.

To gain access, though, it is necessary to understand the regulatory regimes. This webinar will present strategies for access to the following countries:

  • China and the SRRC
  • Japan and the MIC
  • Korea and the KCC
  • Taiwan and the
  • Access to ASEAN
  • Australia and New Zealand and the RCM

Mark Maynard has over 35 years of telecom, information technology, and compliance engineering experience.  Mark is also an IEEE Senior Member, very active in the IEEE EMC Society, an iNARTE certified Product Safety Engineer, and a Past-President of the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society.