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FCC Part 15 Essentials

FCC Testing and Certification

FCC Part 15 Essentials

Webinar Recording:  May 24, 2016
Presented by Mike Violette

The series will commence with a fundamentals-based training in Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Rules that govern electronic devices. The Commission’s Rules, originally crafted to serve broadcasters (largely) evolved quickly as radio technologies became common and ubiquitous. With the advent of the personal computer and low power wireless devices, the Rules evolved ever more.

This section of the FCC Rules covers practically every electronic device sold in the United States. Compliance with Part 15 is essential to be able to sell and market digital and wireless devices.

These Rules embody the bulk of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements for consumer and commercial equipment in the United States. The Rules, now thirty years on, covered so-called “unlicensed” operation and have evolved tremendously as the technologies have changed over time.

This one hour webinar will include a review of the role of the FCC Rules as well as cover application of the Rules to specific devices.

In Part One, we will discuss the following:

  • Product Certification
  • Approvals Necessary
  • Digital Device Rules
  • Application of FCC Part 15 and Exemptions
  • Digital Transmission Systems
  • UNII and Ultra Wideband Communications
  • Low Power devices for command and telemetry
  • WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and related applications
  • Testing and Reporting Requirements
Michael Violette

Michael Violette, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Washington Laboratories, Ltd. Mike has twenty five years of experience in FCC, CE, IC testing and certification. Mike is a professional engineer, and an iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer. He currently is on the Board of Directors of ACIL and RABQSA. He has presented numerous live and webinar events on technical, measurement and regulatory requirements for electronic devices. Mike is a Notified Body for the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (RTTED) and EMC Directive. In addition to his own insight, he will bring guest presenters into the webinar series to add subject matter insight and expertise.