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Immunity Requirements – Wireless

May 24, 2017
Presented by Steven Koster

Many country approvals include Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) evaluations that require immunity as part of the approval process.  This class reviews the various immunity test requirements using a RED harmonized standard as the basis for test selection.  From radiated RF to power interruptions, the details are examined along with the fundamentals of accomplishing the tests.  This class supplements the class on testing of the radio performance testing previously presented.

Steven Koster, President, Washington Laboratories, Ltd – Steve has over 30 years of experience in testing systems and devices for regulatory compliance. His expertise spans a full range of product evaluations from IT, Medical, Machinery, Measuring and Communications (including Wireless). He heads the Washington Laboratory team accomplishing all manner of product compliance evaluations.

In addition to his own insight, he will bring guest presenters into the webinar series to add subject matter insight directly from day-to-day test execution. The guests will supplement the presentation with real life approaches to over-coming obstacles in evaluating a variety of devices.