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Anatomy of a Test

Anatomy of a Test

May 8, 2017
Presented by John Repella

Many wireless device approval regulations require an extensive set of test and measurements to confirm that a device is compatible with radio frequency spectrum matters.  Although not applicable to all countries, the RED cites use of specific harmonized standards to demonstrate compliance and these ETSI standards describe the test program.  Compliance in other countries have a similar test program with their specific requirements that have a lot of similarity to the ETSI testing.

This webinar provides a detailed review of a test program based on compliance with a selected ETSI standard (300 328) The test approach, measurements, and verification of compliance for:

  • RF power
  • Duty Cycle
  • Accumulated Transmit Time
  • Hopping Frequency Separation
  • Medium Utilization
  • Adaptivity
  • Occupied Channel Bandwidth
  • Unwanted emissions (TX & RX)
  • Receiver Blocking

+ Other specific elements will be discussed, and the requirement for immunity testing will be provided as a separate class on this topic.

Those involved in design and qualification testing of wireless devices will find this information critical for understanding what happens during the test program and why the operation control of the device under test is so critical for the testing.

John P. Repella, Manager, EMC & Wireless Services, Washington Laboratories, Ltd – John is responsible for the day to day operations at the WLL Gaithersburg facility aiding customers in all manner of product compliance evaluations. John has over 25 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and the testing of systems for regulatory compliance. His expertise spans a full range of product evaluations from IT, Medical, Machinery, Measuring, Communications, and Military applications. John is a member of IEEE and SAE, and is an active member of C63 Standards Committee participating in several standards working groups.