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Washington Labs dives into Millimeter Waves.

We are pleased to announce our investment in the mmWave measurements with the recent purchase of a Virginia Diodes extension module.

The new capability allows us to test radars, communications devices and other wireless services int he 60 – 90 GHz frequency range. The VDI WR 12 allows us to measure all manners of devices with accuracy and precision. The downconverter extends the capability of our spectrum analyzers and allows the measurement of complex modulations. Many applications of mmWave devices blend the challenge of these short wavelength operation with complex, pulsed operation. “The support from VDI has been excellent over the past few years. We’ve been fortunate to do some work in the hundreds of GHz for a manufacturer of exotic scanning technologies for threat detection.” Says Mike Violette, CEO of Washington Labs. “Older technologies are ok with CW signals, but the VDI solutions ensures good fidelity of complex modulations.”

VDI is an innovative organization with many years of experience in high frequency solutions.

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