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Compliance for Wearables

Compliance for Wearables Webinar

The recorded date is 2/10/2016. Contact WL Academy for pricing

Webinar Description

By some estimates the Internet of Things will be comprised of over 26 Billion devices by the year 2020. A large part of these wireless wonders will be attached to people. Wearables are growing at a fast clip, from the first “Smart Watches” to Bluetooth-enabled bandages. And it won’t just because we’ll be pining like Theodore Twombly for his operating system love interest. Devices will sense our location, provide ever more sophisticated health monitoring and reporting and keep us connected in more ways than we may realize.

This webinar will focus on regulatory aspects facing wearable device manufacturers. The global market for these devices is expected to reach into the billions. EMC, Safety, Environmental factors will need to be considered for product developers and distributors.

In this webinar we will examine the following aspects of wearable devices:

  • EMC
  • Radio Spectrum
  • RF Hazards
  • ROHS and Recycling requirements
  • Labeling & Language
  • Testing requirement

The Presenter

Michael Violette

Michael Violette, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Washington Laboratories, Ltd.  Mike has twenty five years of experience in FCC, CE, IC testing and certification. Mike is a professional engineer, and an iNARTE Certified EMC Engineer. He currently is on the Board of Directors of ACIL and RABQSA. He has presented numerous live and webinar events on technical, measurement and regulatory requirements for electronic devices. Mike is a Notified Body for the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (RTTED) and EMC Directive. In addition to his own insight, he will bring guest presenters into the webinar series to add subject matter insight and expertise.