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China Rules for Mobile Devices: EMC Requirements Clarified

CNCA Announcement on Clarifying Compulsory Product Certification Requirements for 5G Mobile User Terminals

According to the “Catalogue of the First Batch of Products Subject to Compulsory Product Certification” (AQSIQ and CNCA Joint Announcement No.33, 2001), 5G mobile user terminals are within the scope of compulsory product certification (CCC). The relevant requirements for the implementation of CCC certification for 5G mobile user terminals are hereby announced as follows:

Certification Standards

  1. In the “Compulsory Product Certification Implementation Rules for Telecommunications Terminal Equipment” (No.: CNCA-C16-01: 2014, hereinafter referred to as the implementation rules), YD/T2583.18 “Electromagnetic Compatibility Requirements and Measurement Methods for Cellular Mobile Communication Equipment Part18″ is added Part: 5G User Equipment and Auxiliary Equipment”, as the electromagnetic compatibility standard for 5G mobile user terminal CCC certification.
    在《强制性产品认证实施规则  电信终端设备》(编号:CNCA-C16-01:2014,以下简称实施规则)中增加YD/T2583.18《蜂窝式移动通信设备电磁兼容性能要求和测量方法  第18部分:5G用户设备和辅助设备》,作为5G移动用户终端CCC认证依据的电磁兼容标准。

Implementation Arrangements

  1. Starting from the date of this announcement, the designated certification body shall implement CCC certification for 5G mobile user terminals in accordance with the relevant requirements of the implementation rules.
  2. For 5G mobile user terminals that have obtained CCC certification in accordance with the requirements of 4G and other standards in the early stage, the certification client should submit a supplementary test application based on YD/T2583.18 to the designated certification body, and renew the CCC certification certificate after passing the test. The certificate conversion should be completed before June 30, 2021, and the designated certification body that has not been converted within the time limit should be cancelled.
  3.  The authorized certification bodies and laboratories of “mobile user terminal”, if they have the certification and testing capabilities of YD/T2583.18, they can directly undertake the CCC certification and testing work of 5G mobile user terminals, and will not be authorized separately.

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