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Architectural Shielding Design






Steve Ferguson
Michael Violette


Course Description

Noise and interference are facts of life in urban environments and facilities that include sensitive electronics. And data security has become a major concern in all types of   business construction. With the proliferation of devices and wireless systems, the electromagnetic (EM) environment is becoming increasingly more crowded and interference is growing.

The design of facilities must take into account the threats to sensitive systems from high power communications, high frequency wireless devices, mobile radio frequency devices and sources of magnetic fields.

Research laboratories, hospitals, biotechnology and life sciences organizations deal with extremely sensitive sensors and systems during research and development. The small signals that are detected in animal-cell activities are measured in billionths of amperes, which can be overwhelmed by intruding signals from mobile networks, hand-held transmitters, WiFi access points, TV/AM/FM broadcast, electrical power 60 Hz fields and other sources of man-made noise. Natural sources (lightning, for example) also pose a hazard to sensitive electronics.

This course provides practical design guidance along with detailed information on developing construction methods to reduce radio frequency interference, transient and surge threats.

Critical to the proper application of architectural shielding methods is the understanding of the Electromagnetic (EM) environment. This workshop also covers facility EM mapping and how to understand and interpret the mapping results to mitigate risk when locating new equipment in the environment.  An under-design results in operation limitiations. Over-design could add millions of dollars to the construction. Understanding the needs and options provides for control in a cost effective manner.


  • Terms & Definitions
  • How does Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) affect electronics?
    • Elements of an EMI Situation
    • Electromagnetic Propagation
  • Architectural Shielding Concepts and Applications
    • Shielding Effectiveness (SE)
    • Shielding Configurations
  • Shielding Effectiveness Compromises & Restoration
    • Shield Penetrations: Do and Don’t
  • Grounding Concepts and Techniques
    • Facility Grounding
    • Safety Ground System
  • Lightning & Transient Protection
  • Test Specifications & Standards
  • Measurements: Quantifying the RF Environment


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